Spiral bearing

Filament Wound Bearings The polyester lubricated bearings (PFB) in the Chuangnuo product series are continuously wound with glass fiber and epoxy resin (bearing layer), and then filled with PTFE fiber and high-strength fiber with internal lubricant and high-temperature epoxy resin as the sliding layer , thus forming a seamless, non-overlapping natural concentric high-strength bearing. This high-strength laminated structure allows the bearing wall thickness to be only (1.59mm-3.18mm), which reduces the size of the product and reduces the weight of the bearing during assembly. Such composite bearings exhibit an extremely low coefficient of friction and high load carrying capacity.

SKU Spiral bearing
Base material Fiberglass and Epoxy
Maximum temperaturet -100°C-160°C
Max Load Capacity P 1.8N/mm²
Coefficient of friction u 0.03-0.12u



Product Features

1. High load capacity.
2. Excellent wear properties.
3. Strong corrosion resistance.
4. Low coefficient of friction.
5. Refueling is not recommended.