SOML oilless slide plate, bronze and mini type, thickness 10 mm


SOML oilless slide plate solid lubricant embedded bushing is a new type made from strong brass and homogeneously embedded with solid lubricant in its body. It breaks through the limit of general bearing whose lubrication depends on oil film. So it is suitable for high temperature, heavy duty, anti-corrosion, or where oil is hard to be introduced. It's performance doubles both on hardness and wear-friction.


Solid lubricant film
Solid lubricant plug
Bronze backing

Material Features

Allows maintenance-free and long-life operation;
Suitable for high static and dynamic loads;
With low and smoothly coefficient of friction and without stick-slip effects;
Suitable for dirty, corrosion, impact load and edge loading;
The base material provided a good shock-absorbing capacity;
Can be used over a large temperature range;
Suitable for reciprocating, rotating and oscillating movement with start frequency and difficulty to form oil film occasions;
With low wear rate and long life service.


continuous casting rolling machine
mining machinery
shipping machinery
injection machinery
auto mould and so on...


Under technical dry running conditions, the bearing surface is designed with thick running-in film which enables the solid lubricant to be transferred to the counter material at the first contact.