The SF-1T consists of a specially developed PTFE surface sliding layer and is particularly suited to applications with high PV ratings, such as transmission oil pumps.

This type of bearing is primarily used in hydraulic systems or for boundary lubrication, and in medium or high-pressure transmission oil pumps (P = 16 - 25 Mpa, V = 3,5 - 5 m/s). The friction coefficient and the wear and shock-resistant properties have undergone additional improvements. With hydrodynamic lubrication, the PV limit was reached at 120 N/mm² m/s. These sliding bushings are used in transmission pumps as well as in piston pumps and vane pumps.


Support meterail Steel backing 0.7-2.3mm
Intermediate layer Porous bronze 0.2-0.3mm
Sliding layer PTFE with Fiber 0.01-0.03mm
Plating Tin-plating 0.005mm or copper plating 0.008mm


Technical Data

Resilience 140 N/mm²
Temperature Range -195°C      +280°C
Sliding Speed Limit 10 m/s
Friction Coefficnt 0.03 - 0.18
Limit Value (Dry) 4.3 N/mm²·m/s
Limit Value (Oil) 60 N/mm²·m/s

Application characteristics

1. Low friction under oiI condition.
2. Wear resistant and anti-impact.
3. At hydrodynamic lubrication, the PV limit reaches to 120N/mm²·m/s.
4. It is the best choice for the bushes in various kinds of gear pumps as well as plunger, vane pumps and so on.