SF-2Marginal Pb-free Bearing is used steel-backing as its structure, sintered porous bronze as its interlayer, surface inlaid the modified POM. Suitable for marginally lubricated and dry operation on the conditions of lubrication indents grease. It has been widely applied to metallurgical machinery, Mine machinery, water conservancy machinery, vapor locomotive, building machinery, agriculture machinery, steel rolling industry etc.

Base material Steel/Bronze
Maximum temperaturet -40°C-300°C
Max Load Capacity P 70-250N/mm²
Coefficient of friction u 0.05-0.20u






Material organization

Application Feature

Good load capacity and anti-wear.
It is used in high load capacities and low speed with rotational,oscillating or frequent stop-start motion.
It can work for a long time without oil in the condition of boundary lubrication,under oil or grease lubrication interval,the working-life will be longer.
It is machinable for the thicker of POW.
The bushes can be applied in auto chassis,forging machine,metallurgical,civil engineering,power station,strip rolling industries etc.
It is widely used in the machine where Lead is unacceptable.