The FB08GF sliding bushings have a steel-lead-bronze alloy base featuring a specially developed solid lubricant.

Due to their high levels of stability and resilience and the helical arrangement of the diamond-shaped indents of the embedded solid lubricant, these bushings have an extremely good lubrication effect at high temperatures and excellent wear-resistance. Approximately 25% of the bushing surface is lubricated.

These sliding bushings are used in automotive or vehicle gearboxes and clutches, as well as generators, cranes and other items of machinery in the metalworking industry.

Technical Data

Base Material CuSn10Pb10+Gr
Friction Coefficient 0.06 0.2
Temperature Range -100°C +260°C
Load Capacity 65N/mm²
Sliding Speed Limit 4m/s


Widely used in automotive applications such as compressors, steering gear, power steering, pedal bearings, king-pin bushes and etc.