The FB090 sliding bushings are rolled from a bronze strip with a high specific density. There are diamond-shaped or round lubricant grooves on the inner surface, incorporated as per the client's requirements.

This type of bushings is characterised by their high levels of resilience and long service lives. They take the place of the traditional bronze bushings, but are more economical and more compact. They are suitable for use in lifting vehicles and construction machinery, cars, tractors, trucks, machine tools and in the engine construction industry.

Technical Data

Base Material CuSn8P0.3/CuSn6.5P0.1
Hardness HB90 HB120
Temperature Range -80°C +200°C
Resilience 75N/mm²
Sliding Speed Limit 2.5m/s


It is applied in condition of heavier load but low running velocity, such as on agricultural, building and engineering machines, etc.