The SF-PK bearing is an advanced bearing. The benefit of this type of bushing lies in its improved properties when used in water or with small quantities of oil.

The PEEK layer is over 0.1 mm thick, meaning that this type of bushing has a longer service life than the SF-1X. These bushings are popular in high-quality shock absorbers as well as in rotary and lifting parts in military applications.

Technical Data

Resilience 100 N/mm²
Temperature Range -190°C        +300°C
Sliding Speed Limit 2.5 m/s
Friction Coefficient 0.05 - 0.2
Limit Value (Dry) 3.0 N/mm² × m/s
Limit Value (Oil) 40 N/mm² × m/s

Application characteristics

·Edge-covered bearing materials with good wear resistance under thin film conditions standard bearings provide notches for optimal retention and distribution of lubricating oil on the sliding layer.
·Hydrodynamic applications that can be used for non-fluid cover.
·Rated high temperature use up to 250°C/480°F.
·Suitable for low viscosity fluids.
·Good chemical resistance.
·ROHS-compliant lead-free materials.
·Automotive: Diesel fuel pumps, ABS equipment.
·Industrial: Hydraulic motors and plumps, agricultural equipment, wind energy equipment, yaw and teeter bearings.